Volver (2006)

Reid, 29. January 2007, 20:58

Volver (2006)
Dir. Pedro Almodovar
Starring: Penelope Cruz

The first question: Does Penelope Cruz deserve a nomination? Perhaps. It would depend on the other performances. I don’t consider it an award winning performance, although it’s fine. Her character and performance is in a similar–but not equal, imo–vein of Cher in Mask.

The next question: should you see it? I don’t think it’s an exceptional film, although some of you may really enjoy it. I’m pretty sure Penny and Grace will enjoy this. As for the guys, it’s hard to say.

This film is about a woman struggling to raise her daughter. Her daughter gets in trouble and the mother has to help her out. The woman’s sister and friend from their hometown village also plays a prominent part. (This is terrible description of the film, but I’m too lazy to do any better.) As to the type of film, it’s a melodrama, almost soap-operish.

This is pretty straight movie (in more ways than one) for Almodovar. It’s pretty accessible. At some point in the film, Korean TV dramas came to mind. This is also a good mother-daughter film. I recall reading that this was Almodovar’s masterpiece. I don’t feel like that at all.

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