Smoking Aces (2006)

joel, 10. February 2007, 2:34

(6 out of 10)

I thought this film had the potential to be sooo much better than what turned out. The set up and the drama which unfolded had a “pulp fiction” like quality that really appealed to me. But in the end, it fell way short of expectations.

There was enough action–although not great–to keep my attention, but with a mediocre story and underdeveloped characters I never felt like the film had a chance to realy “get off the ground.”

I did enjoy Jason Bateman’s “bit” part in the film. His character is very colorful and animated.

Still with his (Jason Bateman’s) role and mediocre action I gave it the typical. “6″ rating. Enough to entertain, if you got nothing else to do, but more of a dvd night film in my book.

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