Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

Mitchell, 14. February 2007, 4:23

Ocean’s Eleven
I saw this edited for television, so I don’t really know if that counts, but I was surprised at how much I liked this. Very stylistic film. I enjoyed the cool angles and the whole attitude and tone of the picture. I wondered going in how the film was going to convince me to root for thieves, and it did a good job. The cast is loaded, of course, but I was surprised also by how much I liked Brad Pitt here. Julia Roberts is lighted HORRIBLY almost in every scene, so that she looks like some kind of monster; I can’t figure out why. There are maybe one or two moments where she is as luminous as she usually is (and as luminous as Clooney and Pitt are throughout the film). Such a disappointment.

7/10 and very re-watchable.

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