Zodiac (2007)

Reid, 3. March 2007, 23:20

Zodiac (2007)
Dir. David Fincher
Starring: Jack Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Anthony Edwards,
158 minutes

If you didn’t know, this is based on true story. (I won’t say what it’s about just in case you don’t know.) Going into the film, I suspected, like some other films based on a true story, that the movie might be better as a documentary. While that may be the case, I think this film worked fine as a feature film.

Should you see it? Basically, this is the type of film I like to watch on a Saturday night when I don’t know want to do anything except veg in front of the TV. Not a great movie, but good for that situation.

I should also say that the cast is solid in this film, except they’re not used in any spectacular ways.

So what is this film about? The movie is about the Zodiac killer in the 70s. It’s a basically a crime film where we see reporters and the police trying to catch the killer. There are some violent scenes, but for the most part the film is not super intense.

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