Pizza (2005)

Mitchell, 6. March 2007, 23:19
Written and directed by Mark Christopher
Starring Kylie Sparks and Ethan Embry (with Julie Haggerty and Alexis Dziena)

As some of you know, I’ve been watching WordPlay regularly lately, and one of the trailers on the DVD is for this film. It didn’t look too good in the trailer, but I recently joined NetFlix and I needed to test it out to see how it was on little-known indies.

This movie doesn’t suck, but man, it is not good. One of those “best nights of my life” movies where a girl who’s just turning eighteen hangs out all night with an intelligent, enlightened pizza-delivery guy. The actors give it a fair go, but the script is lousy. Well-intentioned, but lousy. We follow the principal characters from birthday party to apartment to nightclub to delivery destinations to other pizza joints to make-out party to…well, never mind. It’s really not worth it.

I can honestly UNrecommend this movie for just about anyone I know. Seeing this won’t piss you off, but really, there’s no good reason to see this unless you’re a Julie Haggerty completist (she’s the stewardess in the Airplane! movies). There are two appearances by Alexis Dziena, whom I’ve never seen before but apparently was the girl who appears naked in front of Bill Murray in Broken Flowers.

Two and a half out of ten. That half is for at least being better than Men in Black II and for the earnest performances by the cast.

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