Music and Lyrics (2007)

cindy, 20. March 2007, 20:22

Yes, it’s a chick flick, but as such, it’s a credit to the genre and I have heard a few guys admit to seeing it and liking it. Dry brittish wit and who doesn’t love Drew Barrymore’s quirky-beautiful girl-next-door-who-has-had-some-serious-therapy.


My sister recommended that I see this with Larri. I know why she recommended it, but I didn’t reallly care for the film. There were several problems for me (which you probably shouldn’t read if you want to see the film, although I’m not giving away any major spoilers).

First, while I like both Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore they just didn’t feel right for their parts and for each other. The phrase that came to mind for Grant was that he didn’t feel “properly calibrated” for the role or vice-versa. His comedic ability, which I usually like, just felt a little out of sync. A part of me feels like he was a little too well-adjusted, responsible and optimistic for his film persona.

Second, usually with romantic films there has to be some conflict between the couple and then a resolution at the end. In this film, the conflict was really weak. (spoilers) I felt like the director and writer steered away from the obvious tact–namely, Grant’s character would forget about Barrymore’s character at his moment of success. That was a good thing. But what he replaced it with, especially the scene where Grant says she’s just like the character in the book–just seemed out of character. Because of that you don’t feel the rift isn’t as poignant, so the make-up is not so satisfying.

Finally, the song that they eventually write is OK, but not that great. She’s supoosed to be a naturally gifted songwriter, and that didn’t come across so well. That’s a minor quibble though.

I did like the music video in the beginning, which really nailed the early-mid 80’s video. Visions of Wham! and A-ha came back to me. I gotta admit, though, the class of 87(!) reunion scene was a bit disconcerting. I mean, do I really look like the same age as those people? Man, that’s depressing.

made me feel like watching “Love Actually” again.

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