The Lookout (2007)

Reid, 13. April 2007, 21:55
The Lookout (2007)
Dir. Scott Frank
Starring: Joseph Gordon-Leavitt, Jeff Daniels, Matthew Goode, etc.

Some of you may not have heard of this film, and those of you who know about it may be curious (after all, how can you not be curious about a film with Jeff Daniels in it?).

This is one of those smaller films that involve a bank-robbery. If you like that type of movie, you’d probably like this at least a little bit. The other reason to see the film is Joseph Gordon-Leavitt. He’s the cute kid in the TV show, Third Rock from the Sun. He’s sort of a leading man in the Tobey Maguire vein, although much more brooding. (I recommend seeing him in the film, Brick.) If you like leading men like Nic Cage (at least in the earlier years) or Maguire, then you’d be interted in Gordon-Leavitt. The direction is pretty solid, and the story is OK, although not spectacular. It has the feel of films like A Simple Plan and Memento–small indenpendent contemporary crime films. Larri didn’t want to see this, but actually ending up mildly enjoying it.

I think most idiots would find this fairly entertaining. If I had to get specific, I’d say Tony and Penny would like this the most. This is more of a video movie, and a pretty good one if your in the mood for this type of film and you have nothing better to do on a Saturday night.

I think the biggest problem I had was the motivation for Chris Pratt (Gordon-Leavitt) to get involved with the robbery. Either his acting didn’t convince me or the director and writer didn’t show enough before hand to make it believeable. It convinced my mind more than my heart.

The resolution is OK, not super great. I could tell the writer/director was really trying hard to avoid a predictable ending. There seemed to be a lot of roads the film could have taken at the end, but didn’t. I liked that, but somehow the end was just OK.

Jeff Daniels was OK, too, but I expect a lot from him. To me, a bit of chemistry was missing between he and Gordon-Leavitt. He wasn’t as likeable as he needed to be, too.

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