Shooter (2007)

Reid, 13. April 2007, 23:01

Dir. Antoine Fuqua
Starring: Mark Wahlberg, etc.

I like Mark Wahlberg in action films (ever since The Big Hit). That’s one of the reasons this gets a score of 6 from me. The other reason is that the situations (i.e the motivations of the characters, the believability of the motivations, etc.) that accompany the action scenes are not really stupid, at least not until the finale. The filmmakers also steer clear of unnecessary scenes, which I won’t reveal until later. If you don’t like action films, or you’re not in the mood, don’t bother.

I’m so eager to see a decent action or sci-fi film that, even ones that are just mediocre or OK can be somewhat satisfying. I like Mark Wahlberg, too.

(small spoiler)

The situation I’m talking about is a love interest. The filmmakers could have gone there, but didn’t, which was a good thing.

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