The Negotiator (1998)

Mitchell, 23. May 2007, 19:38

I recently saw The Negotiator with Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Spacey. The principals are usually quite strong, and you know what to expect if they’re on their game, which they pretty much are in this film. I saw it because I’m trying to see everything Paul Giamatti’s in. Giamatti’s got a supporting role here, as in all his pre-American Splendour films, and he does a great job. You can see why he was categorized as a “character actor” before he got any leads. Just a solid actor who fills his parts well without overstepping his boundaries. He leaves lots of room for the principal actors and yet he puts his own stamp on the characters he plays — I think Frances McDormand does the same thing.

It’s a good, entertaining flick. My head says 6/10 but my heart (which loves Paul Giamatti) says 7/10.

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