Man on the Moon (1999)

Mitchell,3. June 2007, 22:37

Jim Carrey, Danny DeVito, Paul Giamatti, Courtney Love (directed by Milos Forman)

I liked it. I know it got mixed reviews, and I can see how it really drags in parts, but Carrey does a good job. I also like Giamatti in this, and Courtney Love reminds me that she really can act; I’d love to see her in more films.

My biggest criticism is that the film does such a good job REPORTING to us what Kaufmann did, and REPLAYING for us what he did, but it doesn’t really explore what he was doing, at least not to my satisfaction. I like when DeVito as George Shapiro says, “He’s totally insane…or maybe he’s a total genius.” More commentary and deconstruction of this sort by different people in the film would have been cool, especially if Kaufmann was given to engaging others in discussion about his brand of entertainment.

We never get a single conversation between Giamatti’s Bob Zmuda and Carrey’s Kaufmann, and that’s extremely disappointing. Zmuda played a big part in getting this film put together; why didn’t he let us in on some of those conversations?


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