Away from Her (2006)

Reid, 11. June 2007, 18:04


Waitress, Snowcake and Away From Her, are the type of movies that I would see at the old Art House at Restaurant Row. They’re the type of film that are made by intelligent and original–at least not cookie cutter–filmmakers; the kind of films, that at the very least, wouldn’t leave me asking, “Why did they make the film?” I loved that.

Well, Away from Her, is more than that. It’s a solid film that is worth seeing before it leaves the Varsity Theaters. However, the sound system at the Varsity seems in worse shape them I remember, so maye waiting until video would be better. A film I think most idiots would find appealing.

The film is basically about a husband who must deal with a wife slowly succumbing to alzheimer’s. The acting is subtle, and the director refrains from overly dramatic situations that a typical Lifetime film or most mainstream Hollywood films would succumb to.

I loved the quietness and subtlety of this film. It made the moving scenes even more moving. (Guarenteed to make Penny and Grace cry.) However, if there was a problem I thought the actor who played the husband was a bit too subtle and opaque. I wanted to see more of the emotions and transformation that his character goes through. Julie Christie is old, but still beautiful–particulary her eyes, which glowed through the whole film. Man, I wish I remembered specific scenes in the film to write about because there are some good ones.

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