The Valet (2006)

Reid, 11. June 2007, 18:04


This is a French film playing at the Varsity now. I wouldn’t recommend it, although some of you may think it’s not bad. While the film didn’t offend my sensibilities, it was kinda dull. The film probably deserves a 4, but I’m giving it a 5 just because it sort of kept my attention throughout the film.

The plot, which I don’t think gives too much away, is about a man has his photo taken with his mistress–a supermodel–by paparazzi. To get out a messy divorce with his wife, he makes up an elaborate plan to convince his wife that another man in the picture is the wife’s actual lover.

The characters started off promising (the male lead looks like Buster Keaton and the female lead like Catherine Deneuve(sp?). In the end, they’re not really interesting, and there really weren’t many humorous scenes. It’s not terribly made, but it’s not very interesting or funny either.

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