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Burgers on the Edge

Reid, 25. August 2008, 21:51 (Kapahulu Safeway shopping area) We tried this place a few weeks ago. That’s the flat-screen menu that they have. One of the cool things about this place is that each burger comes with a choice of the type of patty you want–beef, wagyu, turkey (burger) or chicken (not a patty); […]

Harbor Court Bistro

pen, 22. August 2008, 8:47 Recently checked out Harbor Court Bistro where Palomino and Cassis used to be and was quite underwhelmed. I went for Happy Hour which includes some drink specials and a handful of appetizers that are about $3 less than regular price. Tried the dragon shrimp, which was a lightly battered big […]


Reid, 18. August 2008, 20:46 (Restaurant Row) This is the place run by sommelier, Chuck Furuya (well, I think it’s run by him), and connected with D.K. Kodama and Hiroshi (Hiroshi’s is right next door.) The place got favorable reviews at yelp, so Penny, Larri, Zane and I decided to check this out.

Nu’uanu Okazuya

Jill, 6. August 2008, 21:15 Sorry to interupt the Haute Dog thread for a bit, but I just have to comment on Nuuanu Okazuya’s tempura roll/ tonkatsu roll. I don’t know what it’s officially called, but one of the volunteers brought it into my workplace– and I hate to exaggerate, but it was so unexpectedly […]

Mood Garden

Mitchell, 3. August 2008, 20:03 On Don’s recommendation (when will we ever learn? haha), we went to Moon Garden, which is at the end of Vineyard in the Buck Toy Club building, just before Palama Settlement. Don and Tracy supposedly raved about the seafood soup in XO sauce and the fried oysters. We ordered those, […]


Reid, 26. July 2008, 10:37 (beachwalk in Waikiki) People warned me that this place is loud, and they were right. (There’s music constantly blaring in the background). If you like a noisy bar atmosphere in a nice setting, then this is the place for you. Don told me the food was pretty well-prepared, so my […]

Kahai Street Kitchen

Reid, 23. July 2008, 20:19 (on Kalihi Street a few blocks below Nimitz) I’ve been wanting to check this place out every since Wanda Adams of the Honolulu Advertiser raved about this place, but they’re only open on the weekend, so I never had a chance. When I told Don about various places I wanted […]

Duc’s Bistro

Reid, 22. July 2008, 16:38 (on Maunakea, close to Berentania) I don’t like writing reviews of restaurants where the food neither really good or really bad. Duc’s is such a place. I’m going to list everything we tried and for the most part all the dishes were of the same quality: just OK. The restaurant […]

Off the Wall

pen, 18. July 2008, 11:10 I went to “Off the Wall” in the Pearl Kai Shopping Center with some friends and really enjoyed it. The portions are on the smaller side, so hearty eaters may want to order appetizers or izakaya-style, since their entrees come in meals (with brown or white rice and salad) or […]

Mililani Golf Clubhouse

Reid, 14. July 2008, 19:33 Mililani Golf Clubhouse My sister’s boyfriend told me about this place, and I’ve been meaning to go. We finally went a few weeks ago to try Alonzo’s Hawaiian steak. It’s basically a teri-steak. It’s very soft, a bit too soft; My description of the texture was rubber that’s not chewy. […]


Reid, 1. July 2006, 21:11 I remember this place because Matthey Gray, the Honolulu Advertiser food critic said they had the best garlic chicken. Mitsu-ken has a reputation for having the best garlic chicken, and I really liked their’s. The verdict? Well, saying which is better is a close call. The Sugoi version is not […]

Sushi Sasabune

Reid, 7. July 2008, 22:02 (on King Street off of Ke’eamoku Street) I’ve been wanting to go to this place for a long time, and I finally got the chance (and excuse) when Marc came home for his sister’s wedding. I’ve enjoyed Mitch’s, but I’ve heard Sasabune was just as good, if not better. I […]

Church’s Fried Chicken

pen, 5. July 2008, 22:10 Speaking of new places opening up in Kalihi, Kam Shopping Center is sporting Church’s Chicken, which according to your on-line journal, you were less than impressed with. I tried it once and I liked it. The chicken was crispy but not overly breaded and juicy on the inside. I especially […]

Cafe Taj Mahal

Reid, 9. June 2008, 19:45 Cafe Taj Mahal (Across from City Mill on Waialae Ave–the tiny strip mall with terrible parking.) This is a new Indian restaurant next to the new Greek restaurant at the bottom of Waialae Ave. It was pretty good, very similar in price and quality to Cafe Maharani. I don’t think […]


Reid, 9. June 2008, 19:45 This is that new-ish bistro near Ward Centre, right next to PF Chang’s. I was disappointed in this. The menu wasn’t very exciting, and the execution didn’t change my mind. We started with the crabcakes with portabello mushrooms. Just OK. We also tried to salmon dish (havlax?)-which was cured salmon […]


Reid, 8. May 2008, 19:02 Imanas Larri and I finally visited this place. I heard their chanko nabe was really good, so we tried that. The verdict? It was awesome! I’ve only had two other nabes (that I can recall): one from Ichiriki (the pirikara) and one from Sushi-Ten. The one at Imanas was definitely […]

The Fat Greek

Reid, 5. February 2008, 11:36 The Fat Greek (at the corner of Wai’alae Ave and St. Louis Drive) I had the chicken souvlaki ($10), and Larri had the gyros. We also ordered the hummus and (accidently) feta cheese (Larri wanted it on her salad)–which came with pita and two huge pieces of cheese. The hummus […]

New Mui Kwai

Mitchell, 12. November 2007, 1:37 Grace, Penny, and I went to New Mui Kwai on Liliha. Grace is something of an expert on the place, but Penny and I had never tried it. We had, of course, the honey-glazed walnut shrimp, which was quite good. Penny commented that she always appreciated it when the walnuts […]

Hank’s Haute Dogs

Reid, 9. November 2007, 17:52 (on Coral Street in Kakaako) I was excited to try this place because I like sausages, and I read that Hank’s was serving a variety of sausages–Portuguese, Polish, Italian, chicken, among others. Hank has local roots although he was supposedly a successful restauranteur in Chicago. Here are some of the […]

Young’s Kal-Bi

Reid, 20. July 2007, 16:06 The other place I want to mention is Young’s Kal-bi. This is located in the strip mall, makai of Aiea Shopping Center. I haven’t tried many of their dishes, but they have one of the best Korean bbq chickens I’ve tasted. No, it’s not flame-broiled like Kim-chee, but I like […]