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Dorraku (Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center) I probably shouldn’t write a review as I couldn’t try many of the dishes due to a gout flare up. This is a sushi/Japanese restaurant, with inclusion of Latin elements (chimchurri steak). We mostly ordered sushi and small plate dishes. I can’t remember all the dishes we got, but I […]

Sushi Sasabune

Reid, 7. July 2008, 22:02 (on King Street off of Ke’eamoku Street) I’ve been wanting to go to this place for a long time, and I finally got the chance (and excuse) when Marc came home for his sister’s wedding. I’ve enjoyed Mitch’s, but I’ve heard Sasabune was just as good, if not better. I […]


Reid, 8. May 2008, 19:02 Imanas Larri and I finally visited this place. I heard their chanko nabe was really good, so we tried that. The verdict? It was awesome! I’ve only had two other nabes (that I can recall): one from Ichiriki (the pirikara) and one from Sushi-Ten. The one at Imanas was definitely […]

Sushi Ten

Reid, 22. November 2007, 20:26 Sushi Ten (Waikele Golf Course) Both Don and Marc raved about the yosenabe at this place and I finally got to try it There was definitely a lot of stuff in it, but the broth and flavor weren’t nearly as good as the one at Ichiriki. You get loads of […]

Mitch’s Sushi

524 Ohohia St. (off of Nimitz near the airport) 837-7774 Reid, 17. November 2005, 20:40 There’s bad sushi (i.e. Kozo’s), good sushi (i.e. Zippy’s) and then there’s the sushi and sashimi I had at Mitch’s Sushi. This was definitely the best sushi I ever had. I heard about this place from an article in Honolulu […]