Days of Being Wild (1990)

Dir. Wong kar-Wai
Starring: Leslie Cheung, Maggie Cheung, Andy Lau

I don’t think any idiots that would be super enthusiastic about this, although there are those that would find this interesting and worth viewing. Kevin would probably top the list, followed by Mitchell and then Penny, Grace and Chris. I don’t know about Tony, Jill, or Marc (although I’m pretty sure Marc wouldn’t be into this). Joel, Don and probably John wouldn’t get into this.
I’m a fan of Wong Kar-Wai, and if you are, too then you should see this. One word of caution and advice: if you have not seen any of his stuff, I recommend seeing them in chronological order as much as possible. This is Wong’s second film, and I’m not sure if the first one is available on dvd.

Yuddy (York in my translation played by Leslie Cheung) is a heartless womanizer, whose attitude stems heavily from the fact that his adopted–and manipulative-mother refuses to reveal the identity of his biological parents. Revolving around Yuddy’s story are two woman: one a shop girl (Maggie Cheung) who falls for him and the woman (Carina Lau) that replaces her. Like other Wong films, unrequited love is a big part of the story, but of all his films (I haven’t seen the first and the most recent), this has the strongest story.

I know I put the spoiler warning up there, but I’m afraid to write some of my thoughts in case some readers may accidently read what I’ve written. Let me write about things that are safer. Leslie Cheung does a good job in this. He’s interesting as this super cool, but troubled womanizer. I may be impressed because he has an effeminate look to him, but he plays this fairly tough philanderer very well. Maggie Cheung is also very good. She has one of the best sad/lonely expressions in terms of beauty. It’s terrific. You know how Audrey Hepburn has a certain look that’s compelling? Maggie Cheung has a similar power (but the looks convey different things).
The really cool thing about this film is the way it’s connected with two other films. The ending will make no sense, unless you know about the other films. Anyway, I’d have to say this film along with the other two, make for one of the most original sequels of all time.

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